Digital Identity
Identity management is an important element of corporate infrastructure. Gaps in identity management can jeopardize the security of the IT network and may lead to unauthorized access that may then compromise the stability of enterprise infrastructure.
To ensure a stable and secure IT infrastructure, we offer Digital Identity solutions and services that are tailored to the needs of our customers. Beginning with a conceptual design of suitable access to the organizational structure, we identify relevant requirements for identity management. In this way, risks can be identified, potential hazards in the IT environment can be reduced, and a high degree of operational effectiveness can be ensured.
Components for your Identity

Digital Identity
  • master plan
  • milestones
  • project management
  • CM, RM, QM, QI
  • ai IdentityStore
  • role engine
  • sponsoring portal
  • operating concept
  • SLA
  • OLA
  • CM, RM, QM, QI
Industry Standards
  • Prince2
  • Best Practice procedures for IAM
  • balanced scorecard
  • controlled environment
  • data architecture
  • care process
  • Source of Authority
  • SOPs
  • KPIs
  • interface contracts

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